Symply G Keratin Deep Conditioning Therapy Review

This is gonna be my first post for March and since it's summer already, we need to condition our hair so it won't become dry and frizzy. So I was grocery shopping with my husband and while I was looking for my regular conditioner, I saw this brand and got intrigued coz it says here "Brazilian Series". I just bought sachets, which is Php 6 each and was sold in 6's to just try it out. 

It says in the packaging that it has Argan Oil, which is good for frizzy-haired like me.  It also softens and makes hair shinier. And given the name "Keratin Deep Conditioning Therapy", well, keratin is like our hair's vitamin that gives all the nourishment it needs. That's why we also have Keratin Treatments in salons that costs Php 900 and above depending on salons and hair lengths.
This sounds promising, eh?

So I used it once and leave it in my for more than one minute and I love the cooling effect it it has in my scalp. As I rinse it, I feel the softness and smoothness of my hair! The scent is like fruity-floral that stays in the hair even after rinsing. After drying it, I could feel my hair bouncier and manageable and looks healthier! One sachet is good for 3-4 uses depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Will I repurchase? A big  YES!!! Highly recommended to everyone and really affordable for its worth! I'd also wanna try their shampoo too! I would switch my old Keratin conditioner which is almost Php 300 for this! I mean, I am really amazed!

Do you have any thoughts about these products? Share your comments below!

 Thanks for reading, Blurtees! Stay awesome! 😎

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