Hey there blurtees! I've been MIA lately because of the holidays and I miss making reviews! So, my first post for this year 2018 is about Aqutop Goat Milk Aqua Collagen Sheet Mask.

Have you heard of this product yet? It's one of those cheap masks in Korea and this variant is one of the brand's best sellers! The packaging is sooo cute and comes with a pair of eyes sticker.

I bought it from a group in FaceBook called Budget Beauty PH (All About Korean Beauty) for Php 25 which is only around USD 0.50. They sell Korean products way cheaper than in stores. You can check their shop for available sale items.

So going back to this cute sheet mask, it claims to brighten and illuminates skin for a healthy look, which, I say, is very promising!

It fits my face well and is almost transparent. The sheet itself is so thin but the essence is very generous and fast absorbing! I put it in my face for 20 Minutes and true to its claims, it lightens and softens my face instantly!
It's not very oily unlike other sheet masks and was really absorbed by my skin! I have an oily and sensitive skin type, but it didn't caused me any breakouts which is a plus for me. 

The next day, my skin is glowing! I put the remaining essence in my face, neck, elbows and knees the next day and performed the same effect!

Overall, I'd repurchase this again because, not bad for a Php 25, eh? I also saw in BeautyMnl that they sell this product in 5's, but always sold out. 

Do you have any thoughts about these products? Share your comments below!

 Thanks for reading, Blurtees! Stay awesome! ☺

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