iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita and other products reviews...

Heya Blurtees! What's keeping you busy these days? I'm really into Korean skincare and cosmetics these days, as well as Kdramas. oh! The feels! LOL!

Well, it's already December! And speaking of the cold weather, let's talk about our holy grail moisturizers. For me, my favorite's from iWhite Korea's Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita (Php 179). It was shared to me from my friend and she said it's really good! I mean, by the price of around 3.53 USD, it's really not bad, eh? iWhite Korea has various skincare products from facial wash to BB creams and they're really budget friendly!

Their products are very mild on the skin specially their moisturizer. I love its fresh scent and how it's very watery, which is perfect for oily skin like mine. You'll notice that it would turn like a water when applied, that's why it's easily absorbed by the skin. What I love about this is that it didn't give me breakouts (which usually happens whenever I use new product).

I highly recommend this moisturizer! Very affordable, safe, and mild on the skin. Though I'm not seeing any effect with regards to whitening, it's not a problem with me. I just love its moisturizing effect that's suitable for my oily skin.

I'm gonna include some iWhite Korea products that I tried as well:

I bought these at the local grocery store, and good thing they have trial size so we can check first if it suits our skin.

FACIAL WASH WHITENING VITA (Php 18) - Mild and gives your skin a squeaky clean feeling even after removing makeup. It also has creamy consistency and a little goes a long way. Bought a bottle after consuming 3 sachets coz I love how it cleanses my face, although no whitening effect on me yet.

PORE PURIFYING BALM (Php 18) - It states here that it's best used with Whitening Pack Peel Off Mask, which I also have. The direction is to put it in T-zone area or areas with enlarged pores and deep seated dirt then leave for one minute, after that, massage in a circular for another 1 minute then wipe with tissue. I love its milky scent and how it exfoliates my skin after massaging it.

WHITENING PACK PEEL OFF MASK (Php 22) - Unlike other peel off masks that I tried, this one dries faster so better put it fast. It has a temporary brightening effect and leaves my face smooth after use. I love its scent too! One sachet could last up to three uses.

FACIAL CREAM WHITENING VITA (Php 20) -  It's a bit sticky at first but blends out easily. I use this as a makeup base as it has SPF 15. What I love about it is that it doesn't make me oily. It also has a temporary whitening effect.

Overall, I recommend iWhite Korea products because they are really mild but effective and budget friendly. These products are worth trying specially if you're into Korean skincare.


Do you have any thoughts about these products? Share your comments below!

Thanks for reading, Blurtees! Stay awesome! 😎

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