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Ilahui Korea launches its store in Manila, and I've been to one of their branch in Century City Mall, Makati. It's a Korean-inspired concept store which offers wide range of products from household to gadget accessory to apparel. They also offer K-skincare and makeup, everything K-inspired in a one stop shop!

Too bad, I'm on a budget and just dropped by their shop that time. I only bought two products:

I bought a sunblock cream with SPF 30 PA +++ for Php 199, since I always travel by a motorcycle with my husband. It smells fresh, but it seems like an oil-based so it's very moist and sticky. It would be fine with dry skin, but since I have an oily skin, it makes my skin really greasy (yikes!). 
Would not repurchase this, but will look for a watery or matte finish sunblock.

The second product I purchased was this Olive Real Cleansing Tissue (Php 99). It;s already 120 sheets but very tiny, like the size of a blotting paper. It's good for cleansing the face, but since it's really tiny, you will need around 2-3 sheets to fully remove your makeup. So, for me, it's just for cleansing and not as a makeup remover.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. The size is travel-friendly. But I would look for a bigger cleansing tissue and more like a makeup remover since I always put makeup for my work.

Overall, I would really need to take time in buying new products and have to ask a salesperson if necessary. They also have fancy cable chargers (Php 149), powerbanks (Php 799 for 10000Mah), neck pillows, and so much more cute stuff!

Like these:

Do you have any thoughts about these products? Share your comments below!

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