Skingenie Lip and Cheek Stain Alive Review + Swatches...

Heya Blurtees! How are you doing? This would officially be my first post as an honest review/thoughts about a certain product so bear with me. I bought these products from my own moolah as well, so it's not biased or even sponsored.

So going back, have you ever heard Skin Genie? It's an organic skincare line I've been following on Instagram for about  2 years, I think.. Before, they were Skinpotion but changed the name to Skin Genie which was more magical than their former name. They are famous for their Apple Cider Vinegar soap (which my husband uses and loves), and their Lip and Cheek Stain Alive which are very pigmented, long lasting (tested and proven by me!), and affordable as they sell it for only Php 80!

They have 14 shades- from dark plums to the brightest pinks, you name it! They even have a brown liptint! BROWN, man! Which was one of my two swatches! So here they are:

I'm using the shade in Cherry Pink here, one of their bestsellers and one of their original shades. It's perfect for doing the "Drunk Blush" makeup as the shade is like a subtle pink. Now, they have other pink shades including the new crowd favorite, Tramp! Wanna buy that shade as well..

Can you guess what shade I'm wearing here? Tadaaah! Tan Brown, baby! Although I used Cherry Pink in my cheeks. Tan Brown is a nude brown shade with the smallest hint of orange. They say Tan Brown's perfect for contouring as well so I also tried using this as my contour several times. And yes it really does!

So here are my arm swatches. I woke up the next day and they're still there!
Hopefully next time, there would be 14 swatches as well. Haha! 
That's a wrap! I'm thinking of another swatch and/or review from another organic skincare line this weekend, maybe.. 

Do you have any thoughts about these products? Share your comments below!

Thank you blurtees! Stay awesome! 😎

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