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I'm going to do a review about Eden's Paradise Lip Products. This is not sponsored, I just wanna make a review about their lip products. I checked their Instagram account and saw that they changed their name to Cloud Cosmetics which sounds really cute! I really love everything about clouds! They also changed their packaging and launched new products including Baby Pores which is a day cream, a powder and a primer in one, and Pepper Tints which are so pigmented!  So going back, here are the products:

Here, you can see their Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry (pink), Brown Teddy (browns), Nude Teddy (the one at the magazine) and Honestly Matte Liquid Rouge Line in Friday Feels.  I also have the Lip Majikku ( the three at the top).

Here I'm using HMLR in Friday Feels (Php 499) - a deep red that's perfect for night out! It's very pigmented, long-lasting and lightweight with a cooling effect which I loooove about it. It's like putting liquid mentos on the lips!
Cons: None

In this picture, I'm wearing Nude Teddy (Php 399) - a warm nude with a hint of orange which is perfect for all skintones! Very pigmented and creamy matte. It's perfect for everyday look, I love wearing this during daytime.
Cons: It kinda transfers, specially when eating and drinking. And the smell, it's like those pure organic smell but not too strong though.

In my lips are the very berry Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry (Php 299).
I looooove its sweet berry scent! It smoothly glides on the lips but amazingly dries out creamy matte! I also put this on my chapped lips because it's creamy and has cooling effect. And it's transfer-proof as well! Amazing! I love using this at daytime enjoying the flushed look, perfect for hanging out with friends for a cup of coffee! You can use this as a cheek tint for a fresh look.
Cons: Unlike the lippies above, this one's not very pigmented- you won't notice the color at first swipe. It took me 3 swipes in this photo.

Here I'm wearing Lip Custard Cream in Brown Teddy (Php 299). Same with the formula of Winterberry, you won't notice the shade at first swipe- it also appears by the third swipe. Same with the creamy and cooling effect. The only difference is LITERALLY the shade. Haha! This one's a deep red-brown shade. I used this when I was at Baguio, and knowing the weather there (which was about 15degrees during that time), I expected to have a dry and chapped lips. But since I used this whenever we go out and reapply as necessary, viola! I got a super moisturized lips instead!

So, above are the swatches. I'll list them from top to bottom:

- HMLR in Friday Feels
- Nude Teddy
- Lip Custard Cream in Winterberry
- Lip custard Cream in Brown Teddy

Above is their Lip Majikku (Php 250 now), a lip serum that lightens dark and dull lips. I love it! The scent's like green apples and the cooling effect is superb! I love how it moisturizes and brightens my lips! I always put this on every night before bedtime. It's so addicting! There's no cons in this product!

Overall, I'd repurchase it even if they changed their name or if their price increases, because Eden's Paradise / Cloud Cosmetics are true to its claims and most importantly, they're all safe to use because they are FDA registered, paraben-free, cruelty-free and 100% non-toxic.

Do you have any thoughts about these products? Share your comments below!

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